Ikea Kitchen Update

Here is where the new kitchen stands. The tile is now up to the middle of the window-the walls were too scarred to leave them bare, but I think it has a nice charm. I'm still working on painting the cabinets and we could use a replacement stove but there's no rush.

The oak countertops are my favorite new thing- I never thought wood was something appropriate to my messy, sometimes grungy kitchen. I used 6 coats of Waterlox, a tung-oil and resin-based finish. Spills wipe right up, even a day later, and there are no white rings or dark rings. Nothing soaks in. The finish dulls a little when water is left standing for a day, but you wouldn't even notice unless you peered closely. We treat our countertops roughly- though no direct cutting on them- and they haven't chipped yet. If they did, it's easy to recoat or touch-up.

So far we've probably spent 2800-3000 on this kitchen, for a complete re-do. I kind-of regret the new steel-look appliances- they seem cold and not very vintage! How do they look so great in period kitchen magazine photos?

Jason paints!

The pot rack.


arrielle_p said...

Wow! Love the design. Kitchen, my favorite place in our house, you can always see me in there you can't see me on the other places of the house.

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dellswick said...

We are renovating an old house in Ft. Myers. It is great to see that we have some similar characterics and problems. Do you have any photos of the kitchen painted? Thanks also for the link to the Indiana state photos. The 1924 model house looks a lot like ours. Really enjoy reading about your progress.