The Kitchen that Was

Dear Ralph's lonely blog,
I am sorry I abandoned you. Really, there was nothing to write about. Now there is. On impulse, the Sunday before New Year's we bashed the kitchen cabinets into nasty, dirty pieces, making them into the appropriate 4' x 4' sections for the trash truck guys. This is what was underneath, yuck. These pictures were before breaking off remaining rot, decay and plaster. Since we moved in, the only thing between us and the crawlspace and the exterior walls was 3' of clear packing tape that I used to bridge this hole around the pvc drainpipe. I'm amazed we didn't see rats more often.

Rat Poop Before Sweeping:

Hole in the Wall Where Sink Used to Be:

The golden-color floor material appeared to be vinyl, and came right up. It was lain over linoleum tiles that may have been early to the house. Neither of them extended into the business portion of the kitchen floor. There, under the current beige sheet vinyl, are glossy fake parquet vinyl tiles, which peel right up with the sheet, exposing beautiful but very sticky wood floors underneath.

My guess is that someone redoing the kitchen in the 70's had the the really old stuff stripped off and refinished the wood floors. The old stuff remained under the inaccesible cabinet bases. But then, some recent fool put down the fake wood parquet tiles, maybe a renter. Why, when there is real, finished wood underneath?? Anyhoo, the real wood floor was made so sticky by those parquet tiles that I decided the layers should just stay. They will be a good underlayer for new linoleum tiles.

This is the new shimmed wallboard and 3/4" plywood under-cabinet floor patch.

Here is Jason wetting and scraping the popcorn ceiling. Yay!

More to come!


Why S? said...

Oh, Jason, we have so, so much in common. We too are theatre people. My husband too works for a non-profit. And . . . we too had fake parquet vinyl tile over our original wood flooring. And, oh yeah, rat droppings. Plus a cat that rules our lives. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...
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